Our Vision

One day bee and man could live in Harmony

Our Story

A long time ago Bee and Man clashed, Due to size man was victorious!

But along came the savior... SHREK! Shrek came to the bees and gave them meme status among man, gaining them aceptance.


Shrek is Love...

Shrek is LIFE

Meet the Team

Meet the talented bees that brought this site to life!


Mason D. Husted

Founder & Bee Expert

The founder of the EEB society and number one bee expert...


Aaron Ward

Vice President

The single largest donation ever given earned Aaron a job at EEB


Barry B. Bensen


Survivor of the horrific attack of beeing eaten by Earl, Barry spends most of his time preaching about the end

What can you do to help?

We accept donations by way of Dogecoin: DDyv3PHUoA1w5N1SyVzsRmnxPTHN9VQLbN